Mark Gurman’s Sunday newsletter this week didn’t serve to reveal any new clues about future Apple news, but there is an interesting prediction: According to the Bloomberg editor, in Cupertino they’re gearing up to have the biggest drop in launches they’ve ever had.

In the fall we’ll choke on the news

In Gurman’s exact words, “the widest array of new Apple hardware products in its entire history” is on the way. Between September and October, we would see the iPhone 14, a big-screen “iMac Pro”, a new MacBook Air, the second-generation AirPods Pro, the Apple Watch Series 8, a new standard iPad, and a new iPad Pro.

Would there be anything left for the supposed event we would have in March or April? Yes, in this case we would see the arrival of the third generation iPhone SE, a new iPad Air and the inclusion of the M1 Pro chip in some Macs already launched: perhaps in new models of Mac mini or in the 24-inch iMac as a more powerful option.

Everything depends on the progression of the pandemic, but the return of face-to-face keynotes is also to be considered. In the spring, we’ll continue to see pre-recorded events, but perhaps the Omicron variant will already be rampant by late summer and Apple is considering hosting its in-person events again. And if so much news is brewing then maybe it’s the perfect time.