Places bathed by the Black Sea have discovered floating naval mines in recent weeks. Russia and Ukraine blame each other for their deployment, while the exact number is not yet known.

The Turkish Navy announced that it has disarmed several naval mines floating in the Black Sea since last weekend. One of the neutralized mines was located near the Bosphorus Strait, which for a short time was even closed to transport ships.

The Romanian military also announced it had neutralized earlier this week a floating explosive device discovered by fishermen off the country’s shores.

Hundreds of mines – or just ten?

Earlier last week, Russia’s secret service, the FSB, and Moscow’s Defense Ministry warned that Ukrainian naval mines had been cut off by a storm from places near the Odessa coast.

At first there was talk of several hundred mines floating in the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry later corrected the news by specifying that ten of the approximately 370 mines located on the shores of Odessa had been detached from the sites where they were located.