Kabul, Dte

Within weeks of the US announcing its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken over the whole of Afghanistan, but for the second day in a row, their regime has sparked outrage among civilians. Several civilians protesting against the Taliban rallied with Afghan flags during the Independence Day celebrations for liberation from British rule, killing many of those attacked by the Taliban. At the same time, the Taliban has made it clear that no democratic system will work in Afghanistan. Only Sharia law will work here.

For the second day in a row, Afghan protesters in denial of Taliban rule have challenged the Taliban by waving the national flag. However, during Independence Day celebrations to mark the liberation from British rule, many citizens in Kabul rallied waving the Afghan national flag. As a result, the Taliban, which had vowed not to retaliate against anyone, opened fire on the rally, killing many.

Citizens have now rebelled and staged demonstrations against the Taliban, who have taken over the country without protest in a matter of weeks. Fearing that the brutal Taliban rule would undermine women’s freedoms and human rights and the country’s two decades of development efforts, people raised the Afghan national flag near Kabul airport to protest against the Taliban. Demonstrations were also held in Nangarhar province. As a result, the Taliban have begun trying to end the insurgency at gunpoint.

The Taliban imposed a four-hour curfew on Thursday following violent protests in Khost province. Protesters also took to the streets in Kunar province. Protesters lowered the Taliban flag and hoisted the national flag in Jalalabad on Wednesday. Opposition parties, on the other hand, have joined forces to launch an armed campaign against the Taliban regime under the banner of the Northern Coalition, which has not been able to take control of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear how the Taliban will rule the country. However, Taliban spokesman Wahidullah Hashimi has made it clear that the country will no longer be a democracy. Afghanistan will operate according to Islamic law or Sharia law. The Taliban are currently in talks with former government officials.

Meanwhile, a UN official said suspending foreign economic aid under the Taliban regime would also create a cash crunch for them. In such a situation, it will be as challenging for the Taliban to rule without international aid as for a democratic government. The Biden government has banned the sale of all types of weapons to the Afghan government.