Malaysia’s doors will be open to all vaccinated tourists from April 1, 2022, officials say. According to the French news agency AFP, several countries had lifted sanctions following a drop in coronavirus cases.

The tourism-dependent Southeast Asian country, known for its beautiful beaches and lush forests, closed its borders in March 2020 but will now need a negative test report of the coronavirus to enter Malaysia.

The Prime Minister of the country reportedly said on March 08, 2022, That they are reopening their border for foreigners after the time span of two years amid COVID restrictions.

The prime minister further said that the opening of the border for foreigners will positively affect the economy of the country. The reopening of the border will also improve tourism in the country, the prime minister further stated on the subject matter.

Despite reports of more than 25,000 Corona cases in recent weeks, Malaysia has decided to open its borders. Most cases had minor symptoms Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines have relaxed their entry rules.

Malaysia is also reopening its visa for students interested in studying in Malaysian universities. The authorities have relaxed conditions for students. The objective is to improve country tourism, economy, and education

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Vaccinated tourists will not have to be quarantined but will have to provide a negative PCR test report two days before arriving in Malaysia and have an antigen test done within 24 hours of entry.

Earlier, only Singaporeans were allowed to enter the country without quarantine. In Malaysia, 3.6 million cases of coronavirus have been reported and more than 33,000 people have died.

Malaysia and Singapore were the worst affected by COVID during the past 2 years. They have completely changed their lifestyles to normalize social conditions after COVID

Malaysia’s population is estimated to be 32 million. Malaysia is running a vaccination drive actively since COVID vaccinations are available. Currently, around 80 percent of the whole population of Malaysia is fully vaccinated. Relaxations in restrictions are being made to successful vaccination drives and reduced coronavirus cases. Positivity ratio and death rate has also been noted to be reduced.