New York: A copper statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been vandalized near Union Square in Manhattan, USA. The Indian ambassador has denied the allegations and called the move “shocking”. At the same time, it is a source of dismay for the Indian-American community.

The incident happened on Saturday morning. The Indian ambassador to New York said that the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalized by some strangers at that time. He said that he would take up the matter with the local authorities. He said the matter has been immediately brought to the US State Department for investigation and they have been asked to take appropriate action against the person responsible for the act.

The eight-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi was donated by the Gandhi Memorial International Foundation. After this, on 2 October 1986, the 117th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated.

American civil rights leader Baird Rustin delivered the keynote address on the occasion. Incidentally, the Gandhi statue was removed in 2001 and shifted to the Landscape Garden area in 2002. It was damaged by unknown elements last year, and a new statue was erected in California. Gandhiji had a copper statue weighing 294 kg and six feet. It was held at the Central Law Theme Park in Davis City, Northern California. Today the ankle and half of the idol have been damaged.