Many moons have passed since the Harry Potter universe saw the birth of a “Magic Awakened” game, a card title that was released for both iOS and Android but was trapped within the borders of China. The game thus became the fifth game in the franchise based on the characters created by JK Rowling and has not been heard from since. Until now.

The game arrived with previous rumors that pointed to an open-world theme, but with launch it was confirmed that we were talking about a map title. ‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ has thus become a direct competitor to games like ‘Hearthstone’ or ‘GWENT’, and is finally opening its pre-order on Google Play as a preliminary step to an international launch.

‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ opens pre-registration

‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ will take us in control of the game by embodying a Hogwarts student who must unlock new skills as the games progress and the accumulation of experience. This evolution will result in cards that we will add to our deck in order to learn new spells and progress in both skills and techniques.

The game will increase in difficulty as we progress and we will have a mana bar that will have to be recharged to be able to use the most powerful spells. In addition, we will have a competitive two-player battle mode. As we said before, the game was released a long time ago in China in a kind of regional beta that will soon be released for the rest of the planet. Or, at least, for some European countries in which Spain is located.

As for Android, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” already appears in the Google Play Store with the traditional “Pre-registration” button that allows us to subscribe to the store in order to be notified when it is available. The exact date is unknown but it is assumed that it won’t be long until we know more about this release of a game created by Warner Bros.

We leave you the link just below so that you can register and put yourself on the waiting list for the definitive launch.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakens