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Representatives of dictator Nicolás Maduro arrived in Mexico City on September 3 to resume dialogue with democratic forces. Photo: José Mendez / EFE

Venezuelan National Assembly President Jorge Rodríguez, who heads the delegation representing dictator Nicolás Maduro in dialogue with democratic forces in Mexico, said on Saturday it was time for the country to regain economic freedom and resume the path to democracy. “We worked on partial agreements. We are ensuring that the economic guarantees that have been withdrawn from the country are returned. It is time to regain economic freedom and return to the democratic path, ”Rodríguez said after the second day of negotiations in Mexico City.

Rodríguez said the dialogue takes place in a cordial atmosphere, which he sees as a positive element. “The work is very hard, we are going to have to sweat, and I think the Venezuelan government is ready to do everything to quickly reach partial agreements,” he said.

“It is time to regain economic freedom and get back on the democratic path.”

Jorge Rodríguez, head of the delegation of dictator Nicolás Maduro in dialogue with democratic forces in Mexico.

A few hours earlier, the head of the delegation of the Venezuelan Unitary Platform, Gerardo Blyde, had declared, before the start of today’s negotiations, that he was involved in the process of finding a solution to the humanitarian crisis. in Venezuela. The negotiator also said they were looking to forge their way towards institutions and democracy.

Meanwhile, Acting President Juan Guaidó wrote on Twitter that in the negotiation process in Mexico City what is being sought is a “national salvation accord to deal with the emergency, create the conditions for free elections and the rescue of democracy ”. This Friday, Guaidó said that there were no conditions for a free and fair electoral process in Venezuela and that is why they were in Mexico.

The second phase of the talks began yesterday in the Mexican capital, where Maduro’s group arrived with a larger delegation and concrete demands for an end to international sanctions. The second step follows the first talks from August 13 to 15, also in Mexico, where delegations signed a memorandum of understanding to define a common agenda. With this process, driven by Norway and in which Mexico only participates as a host country, the democratic forces are demanding free elections in the regions of November 21, while the dictator Nicolás Maduro calls for the suspension of international sanctions.