As the rumored launch date of the new iPhone SE 3 approaches, more details are emerging, and the latest is at Macotakara: this iPhone would have 5G, but it wouldn’t include MagSafe among its features. That is, yes, we could inductively charge it, but we couldn’t take advantage of MagSafe.

An iPhone with 5G for less than 400 dollars, the formula to continue to seduce switchers

That way a MagSafe charger could charge the phone, but it probably wouldn’t do so at full voltage and the magnets wouldn’t snag the phone to the charger. It would be a way to save money and be able to offer this third generation iPhone SE at a low price.

And that’s precisely what Apple is looking for with this phone: to include 5G and the A15 chip in a terminal that costs less than 400 dollars. Analysts estimate that such a cheap terminal with 5G can motivate a billion Android users to switch to iOS.

The source also claims that this iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air are already in full production, which would follow the schedule that Apple would present it at a spring event. Information from independent sources is starting to come together, and we already know what that means, right?