In addition to the slew of new things we saw coming with the first beta of macOS 12.3, this release gives us some clues as to what’s still to come. In this update, it seems that traces have appeared indicating that Apple is preparing the Mac to receive ultra-wideband technology.

Technology currently exclusive to iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod mini and AirTag

As published in 9to5Mac, Apple could develop the arrival of ultra-wideband technology on the desktop. A technology, it should be remembered, which the iPhone had already been equipped with since 2019, with the iPhone 11, and which has gradually extended to the Apple Watch, the HomePod mini and the AirTag.

Thanks to this technology, provided by the U1 chip, the various devices are able to measure their relative position with great precision. This allows, for example, by bringing an iPhone closer to a HomePod mini the reading is transferred, or to be able to locate an AirTag with millimeter precision.

In macOS 12.3, currently in its first beta, 9to5mac claims to have found several frameworks and daemons in the system aimed at handling ultra-wideband technology. This would lead us to think about the arrival of this technology on Mac, although it is important to remember that, until now, no iPad has benefited from this technology.

For the moment, we will have to wait to see the successive betas. Other components can be added or otherwise removed from the system. That’s in anticipation of the supposed spring event, in which we should see new iPads and new Macs, possibly with the U1 chip built-in. We will see.