The Mac has been conquering the corporate world for some time. Little by little, it expands the space to traditional Windows systems. And now, a new study commissioned by Apple from consulting firm Forrester reveals the benefits that companies with Macs enjoy among their employees. The most notable of these is a saving of $ 843 over a period of 3 years, where the Mac M1 have proven to be real protagonists.

Cost reduction, employee satisfaction and security as main keys

The study focused on ten companies whose results were aggregated. The group is 100,000 employees with a deployment of a Mac to 33% of the workforce for three years. The benefits, costs and risks associated with deploying Mac with Intel processor and Mac with M1 Apple Silicon chip were analyzed. Mainly MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1.

Unsurprisingly, the Mac M1s were only available from November and not for the duration of the 3-year study. But of Forrester, they say they used their experience with the rest of the Macs to draw conclusions. Among the most important are the following:

Cost of IT support reduced by $ 12.4 million in 3 years. Compared to a PC, a Mac costs $ 635 less over this period. Reduced and avoided deployment costs of $ 37.5 million. A Mac costs $ 207.75 less than a PC. 50% reduction in data breach risk for every Mac deployed. Add a savings of $ 4.5 million. Improved performance and employee satisfaction. Retention improves by 20% and your productivity by 5%, adding 48 effective working hours over 3 years. This is a savings of $ 76.9 million.

In total, that’s $ 843 in savings for each Mac compared to a PC over this period. And an overall savings of $ 131.4 million.

The qualities of the Mac M1 highlighted by IT managers

Throughout the report, IT managers responded to survey questions with comments on their experience. Their statements are among the most striking, because they are professionals who have worked for years with a “fleet” of PC computers and who have made the leap to the Mac.

“The Mac M1s are just better in every way. We’re getting a laptop with a lot more power and a lot more battery at a lower price.” “From my perspective, the Mac is easier to deploy, it’s easier to maintain your applications, and it’s easier to keep security up to date. “We have had zero malware incidents in the past three years since we switched to a 100% Mac deployment. We’re seeing the traction and retention, productivity and innovation benefits that Macs provide. But in the end, we chose them for fun. strong security. ”Everything is faster because you spend less time waiting for the little things with the M1. By removing those sore spots, he feels so much more powerful and it really improves the overall experience. ”

In general, all emphasize the same aspects: easy and fast deployment, inexpensive maintenance, software already included, low price, power, battery, security and integration. Not to mention the Mac’s improvement in employee productivity, something Jamf warned us about years ago.