As usual at the moment, Apple is preparing two new activity challenges for this coming month of February. We’re talking about those celebrating the Lunar New Year as well as Black History Month. Both with various rewards in the form of stickers and medals in the Fitness app.

One goal: stay more active

As we’ve said many times before, the ultimate goal of these challenges is to stay more active. If, in addition, we can make this intention coincide with the celebration of a designated date, so much the better. In this sense, this month of February promises to be quite busy.

First of all, we will find the challenge activity of the Lunar New Year, a very common holiday especially in Asia. This challenge will run from February 1 to 15, although it may only be available in China and other Asian countries. Apple describes it like this:

“Balance this season of relaxation with some exercise. Do any workout for at least 20 minutes between February 1-15 to earn this prize. Log your workout using the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Health.”

The second challenge is that of Unity. It’s Black History Month, a quintessentially American event. Based on its availability in Spain last year, this challenge is expected to extend far beyond the United States. The challenge will begin on February 7 and run until the end of the month, the 28th. Apple describes it this way:

“This month, let’s honor black history and envision our future together. Earn this Unity Award by closing your movement ring seven days in a row in February.”

As with the other challenges, Apple will reward us with different stickers (several of them visible in this article), which we can then use in the Messages app, and with the corresponding medal in the Health app. A symbolic reward that invites us, as we have already said, to remain more active.