Just a few days ago, we told you about the case of AirTags which helped find a stolen motorcycle, and they are the perfect accessory to find stolen objects. We now have news of a similar case, but without AirTag, in which APPple’s Find My Network helped arrest a suspect. As 9to5mac reports, Apple’s network facilitated the arrest of the suspect by authorities.

Apple, again, indirectly helps fight crime

In this case, we get an interesting history of the Colorado Police in the United States. Worthy of an American film, the authorities were preparing to arrest a suspect, who managed to escape in his truck by dodging the classic security barriers that the police put on the roads.

Officer claims he lost his iPhone in the suspect’s truck as he approached his rear

One of the police officers, curiously, had lost his iPhone inside the suspect’s vehicle, trying to approach the back of the truck to retrieve his handcuffs. Unable to locate his phone, the police tried to locate it as quickly as possible, using Apple’s Find My network.

Under US law, it is not legal to use a GPS tracker to locate criminals, but in this case, the iPhone could be tracked because it is an accidental event. In other words: Placing an iPhone or AirTag as a locator isn’t legal in the US, but if it drops by accident, it is.

“If the facts are as stated, I doubt there has been a constitutional violation,” Kerr wrote. “First, if we accept as true that the phone was accidentally dropped into the car, the drop would not be a Fourth Amendment search as there was no intention to obtain information, which was required by the Jones case. ”

By having the tracking network, they were able to find the phone and the suspect. Apple’s network is quite precise and allows you to easily track your location.

Without a doubt, a more than curious case of how an iPhone, by sheer accident, ended up helping police arrest a suspect.