The preselection is made: 20 books are on the long list for the German Book Prize.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – A total of 20 authors can hope for the German Book Prize 2021.

Among others, Christian Kracht, Heinz Strunk, Shida Bazyar, Franzobel, Monika Helfer and Franziska Hoppe were shortlisted with their new novels, as the Börsenverein of the Deutschen Buchhandels in Frankfurt announced on Tuesday. Among the 20 nominees are Mithu Sanyal with his first novel “Identitti” and the Bachmann Prize winner Ferdinand Schmalz with his first novel “My favorite animal is called winter”.

“The jury is pleased to have made a selection with the long list which honors narrative experimentation as well as realistic novel, comic book and surrealist,” said jury spokesperson Knut Cordsen, editor-in-chief of culture at Bayerischer Rundfunk. “These 20 books explore origins and history as well as central questions of the present.”

After the jury has initially selected 20 titles for the so-called long list, it will be reduced to six titles, the shortlist, on September 21. The winner will be announced at the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The awards ceremony will take place on October 18.

The German Book Prize is one of the most important awards in the industry and has been awarded since 2005. Last year it went to Anne Weber for her novel “Annette, an epic heroine”.