On more than one occasion I’ve closed a browser tab without realizing it, and although Chrome for Android offers the option to undo said closing, I sometimes realized this error late and when I re-entered Chrome to access the tab for that website I had opened to view later found it was missing.

Fortunately, Chrome for Android allows us to see which sites we have recently visited through different sections. Next, we are going to go through each of these options that will help us locate that website that we closed by mistake and that we could not find in the Google search engine.

Recent tabs

If we closed the tab a short time ago, we can try to locate this website through the Recent Tabs section that we find in the Chrome menu. There we will see the tabs that we have closed in the last hour, and not only the websites visited from our mobile, but also the tabs opened from other devices. If more time has passed, we will have to use another option.

Last visit

If we remember the website but can’t find the link to that post, we can navigate to the Last Recently Visited section that appears when you click the padlock icon in the address bar. There we will see the history with the last visits to said web page.

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If we do not remember on which website this page is closed by mistake and it no longer appears in the recent tabs section, we must already go to the history. There we will see all the websites that we have visited from our mobile device, ordered by date. Moreover, it includes a search engine to filter by terms.

my google activity

Finally, if we also do not remember on which device we opened the tab, we can try to locate the website closed by mistake from My activity in Google, the history saved in your Google account with all the websites visited across all devices in the last few months, as long as you have it enabled.

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