LG continues to show news at CES 2022, and the TVs announced a few days ago now add a new line of washing machines that have artificial intelligence as the main ally to achieve more efficient laundry.

To begin with, the star product of the presentation was the LG WashTower, a device consisting of a washer and dryer integrated in the same column that the manufacturer first announced in 2020 and which this season has improved technology, both in artificial intelligence with the Direct Drive (AI DD) system and the use of steam to remove all kinds of bacteria and dirt.

LG’s new wash tower incorporates LG DUAL Inverter heat pump drying technology to reduce energy consumption by drying at low temperature throughout the cycle. It also has black tinted glass doors, chrome decorative elements and a black steel finish.

Artificial Intelligence for more efficient washing

LG adds in this model to its two drums (washing and drying) a renewed sensor system capable of detecting the size of the load, the type of fabric and the level of dirt on the clothes, automatically adding the quantity according to these data . of detergent and adjusting the wash style.

The new washing machine also incorporates LG’s steam technology to sanitize clothes and the Smart Pairing feature that sends information and details about the wash performed by the washer to the dryer to recommend the optimal drying cycle that eliminates more bacteria. and dirt.

According to the manufacturer, unlike other washer and dryer combinations on the market that are paired via Bluetooth, in its model, both devices can be controlled from the main equipment control panel, providing versatility. for daily use.

The artificial intelligence technology also allows the device to gradually learn the user’s washing routines and preferences to provide personalized drying options. In addition, an infrared sensor measures the temperature of the laundry during the drying cycle and automatically adjusts itself for more uniform drying.

LG also introduced its first DD AI-equipped dryer model, with a new AI-powered additional cycle that adds more precise motion control, according to the manufacturer itself. It is able to automatically select the appropriate settings in each case for optimal fabric care and chooses faster drying times.

Pricing and availability

As usual in this type of presentation, the manufacturer has not yet made public the selling prices or possible dates, so we will continue to be careful to update when this data becomes available.