Planned obsolescence has accustomed us to the fact that with a rapid technological evolution with new models going on sale every few months, we have the need to update its software or hardware components to continue the useful life of the device. equipment, if possible. and the manufacturer does not forget its customers after a few months.

It is common today to have to update the firmware of media players, televisions, our computers, stereos and even light bulbs and other small connected household devices such as routers, wireless access points, etc

But this trend could be about to go further at the hands of LG, a company that has just announced the arrival in its ranks of the concept “Evolving Appliances For You”, a new paradigm that they intend to start establishing. this year and that Basically he wants to bring this concept of improvement and update to the world of major appliances.

Yes, it seems strange to be able to upgrade a washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher or cooktop, but the manufacturer’s intention seems to be in this direction, offering buyers of a new appliance the possibility later to add more functions and features that were not present originally.

For example, in the brand’s brief explanation to illustrate this business model, they comment on how we could extend the performance of an LG PuriCare air purifier by later adding a special filter for pets in the event that we adopt one, or even the case of dryers, which can then be adapted to different climates and habits of use by adding an additional accessory or modifying its internal software.

The software changes would be made from the LG ThinQ application for mobile phones in a special section called “Upgrade Center” and according to the brand, users will be able to extend the useful life of the product with small incremental improvements. , thus offering more performance and new functions such as washing programs, temperature management, new recipes for an oven, etc.

Availability of upgradable LG appliances

For when these new evolutionary devices? Well, LG comments that they want to have around 20 pieces of equipment ready throughout this 2022, starting with a new washer and dryer that will arrive in the coming months.

A priori it seems like an interesting idea, although it will have to be seen how it is finally implemented, what options for improvement actually exist and how all this can be done in a simple way for the user, without complex configurations, facilities and without the washing machine asking us to enter a new “mandatory” update every few months to distribute the detergent more efficiently.

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