LG Electronics has announced a curious new device to its catalog for gamers looking to enhance the sound of their current equipment with a self-powered speaker.

This is the UltraGear Gaming Speaker GP9, designed to accompany the manufacturer’s UltraGear monitors, although of course we can use it with any type of screen on a compatible PC or console.

With a compact design reminiscent of a classic portable Bluetooth speaker, it has a series of grilles on the front that give it a “sporty” touch while on the upper side the basic controls and a large dial have been integrated to manage the volume of the device.

The speaker incorporates LG 3D Gaming Sound technology with a specific HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithm to adjust the equalization according to the genre of each game. This, according to its creators, allows for a more detailed virtual world experience and complete with a more realistic setting.

It has Game Genre Optimizer technology with two modes to customize the sound: FPS which highlights details and performs faster processing so as not to lose a single image on the screen, and RTS, designed for games that do not require such a fast real-time supply in this case a more polished spatial sound.

The GP9 is compatible with DTS Headphone: X, which allows that if we connect headphones to its 3.5mm jack output, we have a virtual 7.1 sound field in the headphones. It is also designed for use in cats thanks to an echo cancellation system and ambient noise picked up by its microphones.

It is Hi-Res Audio certified which indicates that its four ES9038PRO DACs are capable of reproducing high resolution recordings, especially if it is digitally connected to a PC via the optical input or a USB-C port. We also have bluetooth interface and RGB LED lighting system.

Pricing and availability

The UltraGear Gaming Speaker GP9 will be released in Korea, the United States and Europe from September 2021 for a price still unknown.

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