If you’ve upgraded to Windows 11, you shouldn’t have too many problems adjusting to the new operating system. The learning curve is affordable, but there may still be steps or adjustments beyond your control. And that’s what an application like ThisIsWin11 wants to remedy.

It is a portable application that does not require installation and is open source. Available on GitHub, ThisIsWin11 allows you to centralize control of different aspects of Windows 11 in one place and thus makes it easy to customize the operating system to your liking and according to your needs.

Everything is under control

ThisIsWin11, a portable program (no installation required) for Windows 11 and its purpose is to facilitate the customization of Windows 11 according to user preferences. It also does this by centralizing the entire process in one place, which makes the task much easier.

ThisIsWin11 is an application for now only available in English, but there is no doubt when it comes to interpreting and using it. It offers everything from information about what’s new in Windows 11 to the ability to uninstall apps from the app and without having to go into “Settings”.

By means of a series of icons, it offers access to different functions. We are on the left side of the screen with “Home”, “Customize”, “Applications”, “Packages”, “Automate” and “Extensions”.

Home: Offers information about new features in Windows 11. It’s a kind of tutorial with everything the operating system has to offer. Customize: Used to apply all kinds of modifications. The “check” button allows the app to do a quick check and suggest changes. You can make cosmetic changes, enable Windows Subsystem for Android, show hidden files… Apps: It is used to uninstall any of the pre-installed Windows 11 apps one by one or in batches. Packages: used to install applications via winget, the Windows package manager. Automate: Allows you to generate custom scripts to run tasks or get new ones from GitHub. Extensions: allows you to install extensions for ThisIsWin11 to, for example, enable classic context menus or disable TPM 2.0 verification.

You can download ThisIsWin11 from this link on GitHub and before applying the changes it’s worth creating a restore point in case something goes wrong which the app itself offers you when applying adjustments in the customization section.