In certain circumstances, the light from our environment impacts in a certain way the lenses of the cameras of our iPhone, resulting in small flashes, generally green. Aware of this situation, Apple seems to have taken action in the matter, at least that gives us some food for thought about the latest beta of iOS 15.

Even smarter processing

The amount of process the iPhone goes through for each of the images we take is truly amazing. All of this happens in the Image Signal Processor, or ISP, which does this task in a specialized way. A task that is now improving because, to our knowledge, Apple has updated the ISP’s operating algorithms so that the system is now able to eliminate lens flare.

The discovery was made on Reddit where a user states that he clearly saw the flashes before capturing the image, but after reviewing the final image they were gone.

I noticed something that I have not seen reported elsewhere; while away from home I took this photo and thought it was ruined / needed to be changed later due to stray light (as I have done on several occasions on previous photos with the iPhone 12 Pro because it is so prone to lens flare). The lens). However, I got home and noticed that the lens flare had automatically disappeared from the original photo, although it was obvious that it was still there in the live photo, meaning the post -Automatic processing has become smart enough to eliminate the goal. to burst.

In the case of a development release, however, we don’t know if this is a feature that will reach the final release. Apple could very well test or decide that the system needs to improve further. What we do know is that now we are going to pay more attention to these possible flashes to find out how the post-processing of the system improves our images.

It is clear that much of the magic of the photographs we take with our iPhone occurs in the further processing of the information collected by the sensors. This is a physical issue, the sensors have several limitations due to their size that only the ISP can correct. An ISP who in iOS 15 will be even better and more capable with our photos.

Image | Vlad hilitanu