Slowly but surely, Apple is expanding its catalog of games in Apple Arcade making the service more and more interesting. The latest innovation was announced today: LEGO Star Wars Battles wants to be the tower defense style game that presides over service. By the way, a clear nod to Clash Royale.

A miniature ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ for our Apple devices

In LEGO Star Wars Battles we can have the pleasure of mixing the characters of the saga as we want: we can form an army based on Ewoks to see if they are able to defeat a group of sand dwellers, for example.

In addition, in the game we can also use the protagonists of the saga and increase their level as we fight with them. And the fights can take place in the most iconic settings from the movies, like the execution arena of Geonosis or the platforms of Kamino. We can even use vehicles, as if you wanted to mount a grudge inside an AT-AT.

At this time, we don’t know the final release date for the game, but you can now enter the App Store and ask to be notified when it appears. As with the other games in the catalog, you will need to have an Apple Arcade subscription in order to play LEGO Star Wars Battles.