Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday, January 23, 2022, p. 19

London. William Wragg, a lawmaker from the ruling British Conservative Party who accuses the government of blackmailing opponents of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, warned yesterday that he will make his formal complaint to the judicial authorities.

He criticized that parliamentarians who oppose Johnson’s leadership are suffering from intimidation and blackmail.

Wragg alleges that the mutinous legislators have been threatened with losing public funds for their communities and that the government released compromising facts about them to the press.

Johnson stated that he had not seen any evidence to substantiate these claims. The prime minister is currently in crisis over revelations that he and his associates were throwing parties during a period when most of the country’s residents were unable to leave their homes due to collective COVID-19 lockdown orders. coronavirus.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Wragg warned that he will meet with the judicial authority next week to present his claims of intimidation and blackmail. I insist that what I say is true, and there is no pressure that can intimidate me, Wragg declared, according to the newspaper.

The London Metropolitan Police assured that if a criminal complaint is filed… it will be considered.

Several conservative lawmakers, Wragg among them, have called for Johnson to resign. Others are awaiting an official report on the investigation into allegations that government employees organized social gatherings in violation of regulations during the pandemic. The findings of the inquiry are expected to be published next week.

Downing Street Party Inquiry

Johnson apologized for attending a garden party at his Downing Street offices in May 2020, but says he thought it was a work meeting and therefore exempt from social distancing rules.

If the resolution of the investigation contradicts the above, it is possible that other conservative parliamentarians will join the legislative request for a motion of censure against the head of government in order to force his departure.

Such an outcome would be a staggering downfall for a British political leader who has survived other scandals, including making offensive comments, being accused of falsehoods and alleged financial improprieties.