On September 9, 2020, we released the first episode of the podcast for this season 3, which is completely different from how we used this channel in the previous two seasons. In the first and second, we use the podcast as an “audio” version of the Las Charlas de Applesfera videos on our YouTube channel, so you can listen to them if you don’t have a screen handy.

However, given the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability to go to the studio to record, for the start of this third season we think it would be much better to take advantage of the podcast to create something more. between you and us, with marked regularity and with the commitment to publish a new episode every week. This complemented our other podcast, Infinite Loop, hosted by Javier Lacort, every day lasting 15 minutes.

For over 40 episodes, we’ve since commented on the big Apple world theme every week and its implications, in about an hour. The whole team participated in its different episodes and we loved having this closer and more direct meeting point where in an informal and relaxed way we could all meet and learn something together.

We end the season with recommendations for the summer

Today we end this very special season by thanking you for the support and your feedback during these months: on Apple Podcasts there has hardly been an episode where we have not been number one. of the most popular technology podcasts. Thank you very much for listening to us and your contributions!

To end the season in the best possible way, we caught up with Eduardo Archanco, Miguel López, Julio César Muñoz and David Bernal Raspall to comment on various apps, services and recommendations related to the Apple world, which you can enjoy this summer. We hope you will find them useful and on behalf of the whole team we wish you a great summer! Remember, we’re continuing with all the daily news in Applesfera – we’re not stopping there, the curves are coming – and the podcast will return in September with Season 4 … accompanied by more surprises!

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