JVC is preparing for the next season and has just announced the arrival to its home cinema equipment catalog of three new projectors equipped with D-ILA technology which will directly cover the highest range on the market.

These are the JVC DLA-NZ7, NZ8 and NZ9, the first in the industry to offer HDMI 2.1 connectors capable of operating with signals up to 48 Gbps and 8K resolution at 60 fps or 4K at 120 fps.

One of the most interesting points of this new wave of projectors is in the light source used, which abandons conventional incandescent lamps in favor of a “BLU-Escent” laser light system capable of generating a maximum power of 3,000 lumens and that boasts a useful life of up to 20,000 hours.

The laser diode promises to offer better control of the brightness emitted in each scene compared to conventional mechanical irises, which combined with the complex optics integrated into the projectors, the manufacturer promises to reach new levels of contrast and brightness at the same time. ‘screen. In fact, teams will support high dynamic range videos in HDR10 and HDR10 +.

8K resolution and 2X optical zoom

The heart of the projectors will be a 0.69-inch native 4K system which, using e-shiftX 8K pixel shift technology, achieves that spectacular 8K resolution using an electronic system that operates at 240 Hz to move the 4K image in 4 directions. and later. integrates it thus creating these 8K.

As for the differences between the models, the top of the line is the JVC DLA-NZ9, which will mount 18 element lenses with a diameter of 100mm capable of offering 2X optical zoom with a motorized vertical shift of 100% and a 43% offset in diagonals between 60 and 300 inches and with a native contrast of 100,000: 1 and those promised at 3,000 lumens of brightness.

The JVC DLA-NZ8 and NZ7 mount somewhat more modest lenses with a diameter of 65mm and 17 elements, but retain the 2X optical zoom. They also have a vertical displacement this time of 80%, horizontal of 34% and are designed for diagonals between 60 and 200 inches.

The DLA-NZ8 will deliver 80,000: 1 contrast and 2,500 lumens while the NZ7 will achieve 40,000: 1 contrast and 2,000 lumens output. In addition, this model will have an e-shift system that will move in both directions, so that the final resolution achieved will be between 4K and 8K.

Pricing and availability

The new JVC DLA-NZ7, NZ8 and NZ9 projectors will arrive at retailers in the coming months for stratospheric prices for ordinary people of around $ 25,000, $ 15,000 and $ 10,000, respectively.

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