Signify has announced a new range of smart lighting products under the WiZ brand with which it intends to cover different aspects of our daily routine by offering an expanded ecosystem compared to the models presented in 2020 of smart table lamps, ceiling lights, LED bulbs. and connected sockets.

The WiZ device ecosystem includes a mobile app that enables unified control and devices that claim to research the long-forgotten concept of “plug-and-play,” operating over existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks in the home.

Bedside lamp

The first piece of equipment featured was the WiZ Hero Lamp, a compact tabletop model designed to create a suitable lighting environment for reading, working or relaxing, controlled with just a touch.

It has pre-programmed modes to adapt its brightness to different times of the day and its faucet control system allows us to use it as an auxiliary night light without having to look for and turn on the mobile.

Another table model they announced is the WiZ Squire, with a dual light zone design with which we can transform any white wall with a touch of blue lighting creating a glow on the surface to create an atmosphere. gentle. It is intended for mood lighting rather than reading or activities requiring a strong directed light beam.

New WiZ ceiling lights

The brand also presented its new range of ceiling lights such as the WiZ Tunable White, with a minimalist and ultra-thin design designed for living rooms as well as bedrooms. It features the “Circadian Rhythm” mode of operation that mimics the natural transition of sunlight in the home throughout the day.

They also announced the WiZ Adria Daylight Dimmable and Warm Dimmable ceiling lights, models with remote control functions via the WiZ app for Android and iOS mobiles. We can adjust the lights both through the app itself and through voice control.

For those looking for a more directional type of lighting, the new WiZ Full color and Tunable White spotlights will be launched, some models with powerful LED lights with one, two or three adjustable heads that allow the light beam to be focused on the desired area. .

In addition, WiZ introduced a new glass bulb with a slightly more classic look than the rest of the products, with a matte finish and designed to hang above the dining table or to add a touch. decorative addition to visible spots. Emits warm and cold white light evenly diffused through its opaque surface.

Smart sockets

In addition to lamps and bulbs, WiZ introduced its new Smart Plug which allows you to remotely control other lights and non-connected equipment in the house using the manufacturer’s mobile app, compatible with voice assistants. the most popular.

The new smart plug incorporates a power meter that monitors power consumption in real time so that we can know the future consumption of electricity that the device we have connected is causing us.

Pricing and availability

New WiZ products are available from September 1, 2021 at the following suggested retail prices:

WiZ Full Color Hero Gen2 table lamp: € 49.99

WiZ Full Color Dual Zone Squire: € 54.99

WiZ Tunable White ceiling lights: € 53.99 (14W) / € 63.99 (16W)

WiZ Adria Warm or Daylight Dimmable ceiling lights: € 26.99

WiZ Full Color spotlights: € 39.99 (1 head) / € 69.99 (2 heads) / € 99.99 (3 heads)

WiZ Tunable White spotlights: € 32.99 (1 head) / € 59.99 (2 heads) / € 89.99 (3 heads)

WiZ Frosted Glass Bulb: € 13.99

WiZ Smart Plug Type-E with power meter: € 19.99

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