We have seen the seriousness of the threat that the constant expansion of EU-NATO represents for the security of the Russian Federation (RF). But it carries the extremely dangerous risk of leading to the outbreak of a global and final nuclear conflagration, since both nations are the world’s leading atomic powers. The placement by EU-NATO, ever closer to the RF, of nuclear attack devices that deprive it of time to respond in the event of a surprise attack, when the speed of missiles carrying nuclear warheads has increased considerably, totally changes the global strategic equation. It is such a serious threat to the RF’s security that the RF cannot tolerate it, unless he wants to commit suicide. As President Putin has hypothetically reasoned, what would the US do if Russia placed such devices on Canada’s or Mexico’s borders with the US? All this occurs in a context of deep economic, political, cultural and moral crisis in the United States, in addition to the retreat of its world hegemony, with a weak and questioned leadership of Joe Biden, a fragmented country and an extreme right that seriously threatens to lead to Donald Trump for the presidency in 2024. To make matters worse, a European Union tied to the whims of the US. The least favorable scenario to prevent an escalation of the conflict with the RF, which could drag down its Chinese ally.

That is why it is so important to understand Moscow’s clearly defensive, but very energetic and resounding, position in the face of anti-Russian hysteria and the US’s stubbornness in adopting detente measures, as confirmed by the refusal announced on January 18 by the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to grant Russia the security guarantees it demands and to which, in accordance with international law, it has every right as an attacked and threatened party.

It is worth remembering, in addition to the already mentioned offensive actions of the EU-NATO in the European theater –all directed against Russia–, Washington’s horrendous war record in other scenarios, through the use of the Atlantic alliance. If we only go back to the hypocritically named war on terrorism, launched after the controversial 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, we find a trail of lies – such as Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction – to justify criminal wars and devastation, trampling the international law of that country, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. At the same time, the CIA prisons and secret flights to kidnap and torture hundreds of so-called enemy combatants in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the rule of law. A living and very ostensible testimony to this is the Guantanamo concentration camp in territory illegally occupied by Cuba, which has just turned 20 years old. Many of the 800 inmates who passed through there were innocent of the alleged crimes they were accused of but were subjected to cruel torture. There are still some 40 left, most of them for two decades without charge or trial. And let’s not talk about Vietnam, with its between 3 and 5 million dead civilians, or the extensive inventory of military interventions, coups, interference, blackmail and pressure from the imperial eagle in Latin America and the Caribbean to date. Can Russia be accused of something similar? Where? When? Can anyone informed doubt that it is characterized by a foreign policy of peace and respect for international law? It is no coincidence that the RF is part of the newly formed group of countries that defend the UN Charter, along with Algeria, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, Palestine, Laos and other countries subjected by the US and its allies. to unilateral coercive measures or other types of aggression.

Well, the refrain that the RF is going to invade Ukraine and the shouting about the placement of Russian troops on the border with that country is exactly the same as that of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. That one tried to hide the gringo desire to seize the oil and natural resources of the Arab country and also other important geopolitical objectives. This seeks to divert attention from the growing expansion of NATO towards Russia and the presence in the troubled east of Ukraine of hundreds of instructors and growing caches of weapons supplied by the US, UK and other NATO members. The attitude of the West in this case does nothing but embolden the Ukrainian Nazi paramilitaries, whose formations are part of the army of that country, supporters of setting the world on fire, and, of course, have the interests of US war industries behind and their allies, always ready to profit from the blood and suffering of the people.