The United States is announcing that it could do in Ukraine against Russia what it already did in Afghanistan against the (then) USSR. The role that Osama bin Laden’s jihadists played in Asia would be played in Europe by the neo-Nazis of Maidan Square, denounces the renowned Italian political scientist Manlio Dinucci (

When speaking –properly– of neo-Nazis, he refers to the ultra-nationalist Right Sector, whose members were the most active and violent protagonists of the coup d’état staged by Washington in Ukraine in 2014 against President Viktor Yanukovych, which revolved around the riots in the aforementioned square. He adds that the strategic objective of the Joe Biden government is obvious: to precipitate the Ukrainian crisis created by that coup, so that Russia is forced to intervene militarily in defense of the Russian populations of Donbass and end up in a situation analogous to the one that led to the Soviet Union to get bogged down in Afghanistan.

In Donbass, located in the eastern part of Ukraine bordering Russia, there is a majority of the Russian-speaking population, many of Russian origin, and they govern the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetz and Lugansk, which do not recognize the Kiev government. Dinucci adds that according to The New York Times, the United States has announced to the other NATO members that any rapid Russian victory in Ukraine would be followed by a bloody insurrection similar to the one that forced the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan, an insurrection that would have the support from the CIA and the Pentagon. He continues: “American Admiral James Stavridis – former head of the NATO Europe Command – recalls that Washington knows how to do it, since in the late 1970s and 1980s it trained and armed the mujahideen against Soviet troops in Afghanistan. But now, according to the admiral, the level of Washington’s military support for a Ukrainian insurrection would make what we gave against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan seem small. “

Mirar al Sur thinks that Washington is capable of conceiving such a criminal and irresponsible plan. But Putin does the impossible not to fall into the trap.