Berlin (dpa) – Singer Prince Sebastian Krumbiegel has used the pandemic phase for a lot of work on new compositions. “It was my only consolation,” said the 55-year-old in Berlin on Tuesday evening in a discussion under the slogan “Can this really go away?” on the future of culture after Corona with the Hamburg senator for culture Carsten Brosda (SPD). “I was always happy when I finished a new song. It was my satisfaction. “

Krumbiegel cannot take too much advantage of technical possibilities such as video switching and streaming. It is true that the princes thus produced their last album, “The Crown of Creation”, of which they are very proud. “But the last time we went on stage as a band was in October 2019.”

The group lacks an audience. It’s something different to be in the studio, to do a balance, or just to be on stage. “The public reacts, the public breathes,” Krumbiegel said. He also knows colleagues who have performed streaming concerts. Nothing for the singer prince: “I always found him dead.”

According to Krumbiegel, the group tried to keep in touch via the video. “We met every Tuesday at 1:30 pm for the Zoom conference and discussed things that needed to be discussed. But it wasn’t really close. It was a digital date where you can exchange facts, but where you don’t come together emotionally. “