New Delhi Date. 11 February 2022 Friday

Even a year after the corona was detected last year, there remains a serious risk of heart disease. According to a new study, the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit people suffering from heartburn, heart attacks and palpitations so far.

A study in the United States found that people at risk for coronary heart disease were at increased risk of coronary heart disease. The head of the department of cardiology at Medanta Hospital said that Covid increases the level of cytokines in patients with Covid, which affects the heart, but we cannot say for sure when and how long Covid symptoms will be affected.

This can happen after three months, six months and even years. They say that people with concomitant diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are at higher risk, but many people are still facing heart blockage, palpitations and other heart problems.

Those who fell victim to Kovid in April-May last year are still battling Kovid for a long time. These include inflammation of the heart muscle, damage to the left side of the heart, and heart attack. A heart attack usually occurs when the veins of the heart are blocked or the muscles become weak, but for a long time, patients with covid have heart attacks without any of these reasons.