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Korean Citizens’ Group Creates “Dokdo” Badge Ignoring “Olympic Charter”, “Advertising” at Tokyo Olympics (1/2 page) Tokyo Olympics to be held in July 2009

A plan has emerged that a Korean civil society is trying to create a can badge that unilaterally claims sovereignty over Takeshima (Korean name: Dokdo) in Shimane Prefecture and attach it to the Korean athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. There is. If realized, it may violate the Olympic Charter.

On June 28, South Korea’s anti-Japanese civil society “VANK” wrote a large badge on Facebook with “Dokdo (Dokdo)” and “EAST SEA (Sea of ​​Japan, Korean name: Tokai)” centered on the Korean Peninsula. Posted an image of “Dokdo will be promoted to the world at the Tokyo Olympics!”

According to Union Use, 2000 badges have been created and will be donated to the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (Korean Olympic Committee).

The Olympic Charter stipulates that “no demonstration of any kind, no political, religious or racial promotion of any kind” is permitted.

Sports writer Shinya Kobayashi pointed out that “if the Korean team wears the badge, there is a good chance that it will violate the Olympic Charter as a political action.”

On the 2nd of this month, the IOC partially relaxed the regulations of Article 50 of the Olympic Charter and allowed expressions when entering and introducing athletes even inside the competition venue. However, the expressions at the awards ceremony and the opening and closing ceremony are still subject to disposal, provided that they do not target the country, organization, or people, and that they do not interfere with the act.


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