Last month, WhatsApp added the new voice memo player to the beta version of its iOS application, with the advantage of being able to continue listening to a voice memo when you leave the conversation. Now, WhatsApp Desktop Beta includes the new voice memo player.

You will need at least WhatsApp Desktop version 2.2204.5 Beta (for Windows or Mac), but not the new UWP version for Windows. New player lets you listen to voice notes from one chat while you respond to another, among other new features

Better Voice Memos on WhatsApp Desktop

One rather frustrating thing about WhatsApp voice memos is that they require your full attention to listen to them: if you quit WhatsApp or switch chats, they stop playing. In the WhatsApp for PC version, there is no problem when switching to another application, but the reading stops if you switch to another chat.

To solve this problem, WhatsApp has been working on a new voice memo player for some time, which is gradually coming to the app. It first appeared in the beta of iOS and now it is coming to the beta of WhatsApp for PC. It’s basically the same concept: the player is not “in chat”, but remains globally active in WhatsApp, showing himself below, in the list of open chats.

The best thing is that you don’t have to do anything special to use it: it appears automatically when you switch to another chat while listening to a voice memo. It displays as a green bar at the bottom of the interface, including the name of the person who recorded the voice memo, their profile picture, and a timeline showing the current playback percentage.

The main advantage is that you can do other things while listening to a voice memo, and it will automatically play the next voice memo in that chat, without having to reconnect. Tap play to open the chat that includes that voice memo.

According to WaBetaInfo, this new player is available in WhatsApp Beta 2.2204.5 or 2.2204.1. If you were already using WhatsApp Beta, chances are you will see a notice telling you that you need to update. After coming to iOS and Windows/Mac, the only place still pending is the Android version. Don’t panic, leaks have already revealed that it’s on the way as well. In WhatsApp Web at the moment there are no news.

Through | WaBetaInfo