Kayakers rescued off Manomet Point after shark attack

Helicopter over Manomet Point

State Police helicopter looks for a shark.

A great white shark attacked a kayak off Manomet Point, Wednesday evening.

According to an Assistant Plymouth Harbormaster, the shark flipped the boat. A second person in a separate kayak also turned over.

A person on the beach heard their screams and rendered assistance, the harbormaster

People watching the water off Manomet Point

The news about the shark attracted a crowd to Manomet Point.

reported. Both kayakers were rescued and are reported to be OK.

While the harbormaster assisted the kayakers,  a state police helicopter circled the area looking for the shark.

Two White Horse Beach residents confirmed that an announcement was heard from the helicopter that a shark had been sighted.

the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries confirmed the shark was a great white.

This is the second time today a shark has been sighted off Manomet.

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