Katja Lewina in conversation with Frank Meyer

A male has a male – but not always. The idea that this does not apply to men has far-reaching implications. This is the subject of Katja Lewina’s book. (picture alliance / Leemage)

Men always want to and can. Katja Lewina wanted to dispel this stereotype about sexuality. For her book “Bock”, she told men about her experiences in bed and said: The old cliché is still very much present.

In her book “Bock”, Katja Lewina wants to dispel the stereotype that man is “the blatant engraver”. Being a man isn’t easy, Lewina says. The image of the man who always wants, always can, who seduces perfectly, is still very present in the minds of men.

Strongly trained image

“Even men who have a different self-image and live a different reality of life have to face that image and actively push it out of their heads. It’s so heavily cultivated that it still resonates,” explains Lewina.

“We can all be so enlightened and ‘awake’.” The fact that this attitude is prevalent can be seen by the fact that men are always supposed to take the first step “when they walk into the bar”. “In our feminist bubbles, however, it doesn’t matter if the man shows his soft side from time to time,” explains Lewina.

Unlike other books that deal with masculinity, she says, “My book is primarily about sex. There are a lot of good books on the market that deal with masculinity – also from a male perspective. who takes care of men in bed. “She tried to make up for that with her book.

Katja Lewina: “Bock. Men and Sex”
DuMont, Cologne 2021
228 pages, 20 euros