– Security guards lead students lecturing on African and American history at a school in Washington: Students also expelled

Washington: US Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband has been evacuated by bodyguards after receiving a bomb threat. Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas M. Hoff, officially the “Second Gentleman”, lectures during a celebration of “African-American History” at a school in Washington during Black History Month. Meanwhile, the attacker attacked in front of a crowd of mourners later in the afternoon.

School spokesman Antique Gutierrez said it was a bomb threat. So we decided to kick everyone out of the school. This was a precautionary measure. So you can see that now everything is safe. Everyone has been kicked out of school. Hoff spokeswoman Carrie Peters tweeted that the Secret Service had told the school’s security guards that there were concerns about security at the school. We are grateful to the Secret Service and the police for this.

Kamala Harris is the first Asian American woman in American history to reach the presidency. Anne Hoff is a lawyer by profession.