Earthquake in the panorama of Apple authorized distributors in Spain. K-Tuin, known as Apple Premium Reseller with twenty stores spread across Spain, acquired Microgestió and GoldenMac. With the stores and activity of these two other distributors, K-Tuin thus becomes the largest Spanish Apple Premium Reseller.

28 stores spread throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands

The data was made known through the State Gazette, with Faq Mac reflecting the two acquisitions individually. Microgestió has three stores in Catalonia (Barcelona, ​​Sant Cugat and Girona); while GoldenMac was ubiquitous in the south of the Iberian Peninsula with five stores between Cadiz, Seville, Malaga and Badajoz. K-Tuin will thus cover a total of 28 stores, positioning itself as the leader.

The mastermind behind the purchase was Midis, the Lebanese company that acquired K-Tuin in 2018 for 20 million euros, which we assume will consolidate the business of all these distributors. The amount of money K-Tuin spent on the two purchases is unknown.

There is also no official announcement from the companies, although now that the news has been leaked, it shouldn’t be long before we see an official statement outlining the direction all stores will take from here on out. .