Google has made changes to how you interact with the Google Assistant. Now you can silence him and stop talking without having to use an “OK Google” or “Hey Google” style command and then ask him to stop. With this change, the way of speaking is more familiar.

On some occasions, when we ask the Google Assistant something, we might be left with a good chunk of the answer. Google wants to make it easier to use with Nest connected speakers and displays by preventing the assistant from continuing to speak when it’s not necessary and is now making it easier to interact with it to silence it without having to give the order first.

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With the update, to make Google Assistant just say Stop to make Google Assistant stop talking. An enhancement that’s only available to those using the English-language assistant on Nest speakers and smart displays.

Using the Stop command without first saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” is a more convenient way to stop Google Assistant from talking. On those occasions where part of the answer remains, where the assistant goes out through the hills of Úbeda and answers something that has nothing to do with what we asked.

With this improvement, there is no need to say the initial command since Google Assistant will now also listen for the Stop command while you speak. Obey the word Stop without further ado, in what amounts to a more familiar conversation.

Of course, for now this novelty is only functional for those who use English and in other languages, including Spanish, we must continue to use the instructions “OK Google” or “Hey Google” before the “Stop” or “stop”. We will have to wait for support for other languages ​​to arrive.

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