The criticism is directed at a podcast on Spotify that spreads false information about Corona. This is why singer Joni Mitchell is also removing her music from the platform.

New York.

After global star Neil Young protested a corona podcast that many scientists criticized as trivializing, Joni Mitchell also wants to remove his music from the Spotify streaming service.

“I have decided to remove all my music from Spotify,” Mitchell, 78, wrote on his website on Friday. “Responsible people are spreading lies that are costing people’s lives.” She expresses her solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities for this cause.

Young (“Heart of Gold”) had accused Spotify of spreading misinformation about coronavirus vaccines in podcasts, for example. He doesn’t want to be on a platform that contains and disseminates such misinformation – as a result, the streaming service initially removed the Canadian’s music from the program.

Spotify wants to make all music and audio content accessible to its users, the streaming giant said in a statement. “It comes with great responsibility when it comes to balancing the safety of listeners with the freedom of creators.” the streaming service said in a statement on Wednesday.

In an open letter that later disappeared from the website, Young addressed his criticisms of American comedian Joe Rogan’s hugely popular podcast: “You can have Rogan or Young. Not both.” As early as mid-January, numerous doctors and scientists had accused Spotify in an open letter of using the podcast to spread “unproven conspiracy theories” and false information. (dpa)