The thriller is about a post-apocalyptic world in which a city has been taken over by an alien power. The science fiction series of the same name serves as a model.

Los Angeles (AP) – Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal (40, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”) wants to shoot the thriller “Oblivion Song” as a producer and lead actor.

His company Nine Stories published a corresponding report on the “” cinema portal with information about the project.

The model is based on the sci-fi series of the same name by comic book author Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”), which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The city of Philadelphia has been taken over by a foreign power, hundreds of thousands of people are locked in a horrible environment. Ten years later, the main character, Nathan Cole, returns as a lone rescuer to find the survivors.

As a producer, Gyllenhaal is on board with his colleague Riva Marker and their joint company Nine Stories. This “amazing and engaging” series is about entertainment, but also big global issues, Marker said in the report. Gyllenhaal last shot the action thriller “Ambulance” under the direction of Michael Bay and a remake of the hit Danish thriller “The Guilty” by director Antoine Fuqua.