Microsoft continues to work on improvements that should reach the next general version of its browser. With Edge 94, they release a feature that makes it easy to change a password that may have been broken and that appears in the powerful “Password Manager” used by the browser.

Microsoft is the same as Edge with Chrome in this way, since the Google browser already offers from version 92 the ability to change a compromised password by pressing a button and without the user having to manually search for the password. affected website.

Change with one click

Microsoft Edge Password Manager is the password management tool built into Edge. A function that provides access to all the passwords we use and stored in Edge and which already allowed us to know if there were any threatened passwords.

The difference is that starting with Edge in version 94, it will support the well-known URL standard so that if an identifier is threatened, the user can change with the push of a button.

In the “Preferences” of Edge, it will suffice to access the “Profiles” and in the “Passwords” section, find where it is written “Passwords filtered” (if there are any). If this is the case, if we click on this banner, we will see a list with all the keys at risk and a new button will appear in the status columns with the text “Edit” which directs the user directly to the page changing password for a specific website.

From there, Edge will let you automatically fill in the password and even suggest one thanks to the key generator it mounts.

The feature is designed to make it easier to change affected passwords and will be available on Edge from version 94 to all users, although it can already be tested in Edge Canary in version 95.

Via | Techdows