The first units of the iPhone 12 Smart Battery Pack are hitting early buyers, which means we can see the first home photographs of the accessory and check out more details about how it looks and works.

One of those buyers is Steve Russell, who posted photos on his Twitter. There we see how the Smart Battery Pack adheres to your iPhone 12 even through the official silicone case, prepared for it and the rest of the MagSafe compatible accessories.

A fairly strong magnet and a “hard plastic” feel

Russell comments in his tweets that the magnets in the Smart Battery Pack are strong and the material that covers the battery is hard plastic. From the photographs, we can see that the size allows you to hold the phone with your hands to remain a minimum of comfort.

I featured on @MacRumors, one of my favorite tech websites. Thanks @rsgnl. Since these first two photos were taken in low light conditions, I figured I would offer a few more photos of the MagSafe battery in decent lighting.

– Steven Russell (@stevenrussell) July 19, 2021

One more thing to add. I was asked if it wirelessly charges AirPods. The answer seems to be yes.

– Steven Russell (@stevenrussell) July 19, 2021

And something more than one person may be wondering: yes, it looks like the Smart Battery Pack is capable of charging AirPods on its own. You just need to place the headphone case over the circle on the back of the battery, nothing else.

The advantage of this battery, like the rest of the official Apple accessories, lies in the integration of all its features with the system. To use it, you will need an iPhone 12 (older models are not valid) and you must have iOS 14.7 or later in the system.