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Itochu employee detained in China on suspicion of espionage “Return for the first time in 3 years”, but the reaction within the company is cold (1/2 page)

A colleague who had been imprisoned in a non-law-abiding country returned to work for the first time in three years. Surprisingly, the reaction did not seem to be a “triumphant return mood”. The stage is ITOCHU.

“An employee who was detained on suspicion of being a spy in China has returned. I’m a male employee in his 40s, but an employee in another department doesn’t even know his name, and even within the company, he has announced personnel matters regarding his return. There wasn’t one “(employee)

A male employee was detained by national security authorities in Guangdong Province, China in February 2018, and was sentenced to three years in prison for “crime that harmed national security” under the Chinese Criminal Code, and his sentence expired in February this year. Sourced in.

“When I was collecting information that can be said to be common in Japan, it seems that it violated the domestic law of China. Anyway, I am relieved to come back safely.”

Itochu’s public relations department explains, but why is the company “cold air” even though he was detained during the company’s mission and was “detained” in a foreign country for three years?

“We have a huge investment in China’s state-owned enterprise CITIC Group, and even general trading companies are particularly focusing on business with China. Most of our employees have experienced business trips to China, and important transactions. I’m sorry, but it seems that there are some aspects that are seen as “people who have done bad things” “(above, employee)


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