Itamaraty received help from Spain and Germany to get the family of a Brazilian out of Afghanistan. Photograph:

The Itamaraty managed to rescue this Friday (27) a Brazilian who was in Afghanistan with his family and asked for help to leave the country. The withdrawal operation was carried out with the assistance of the Spanish and German governments. According to Itamaraty, of the five Brazilians identified in Afghanistan, two asked for help to leave the country. The information was published by the newspaper O Globo.

The Foreign Ministry informed that the Brazilian and his family arrived in Madrid on Friday and are in good health. “Itamaraty remains in close contact with the countries operating in the region to allow the rapid withdrawal of citizens still located on Afghan territory, as well as their families,” the ministry said. This Thursday (26), Kabul airport was the target of an attack which left more than 170 dead.