Material You, the Android 12 wallpaper-based theme system, was released as an exclusive feature of the Google Pixel 6 and the promise that it would later come to mobile phones from various manufacturers. New information tells us that Material You would be even more widespread: it would be imposed as a requirement for mobile phones launched with Android 12.

According to Android Police, Google is about to change the requirements it imposes on Android mobile manufacturers so that they can include GMS, Google applications and services. The change would imply that new phones launching with Android 12 must support Material You.

Material You yes or yes

Android is an open source operating system, but manufacturers who want to integrate Google services and applications into mobile phones must meet a series of requirements and certifications. Each version of Android has its list of requirements, and Android 12 is reportedly about to change to force Material You support on new devices launched with Android 12.

The Android 12 theme system is not part of AOSP in this release, but it is part of Android 12L, the release for foldables and large-screen devices, making it easier for manufacturers to port its operation with part of the work done. Google wouldn’t require you to use their Monet theme engine as is, but would require you to have a similar equivalent system.

Specifically, Android Police sources mention that theme systems will need to be able to generate five color palettes based on one color (derived from wallpaper): two neutral palettes and three palettes with accent colors. This is the same as how it works today in the Google Pixel 6.

This way, Material You will truly be a feature of Android 12 and not exclusive to the Pixel and manufacturers who dare to create something similar in their layers. If this new requirement is incorporated, all mobiles with Google services will also support Material You. Last year we learned of other new requirements for mobile phones with Android 12: the “Security and Emergencies” menu and including TalkBack or equivalent.

Through | AndroidPolice