Cortana’s future is darkening, just as Microsoft is disguising it as a shift to the enterprise market. A future that is more of a present with the latest move from Microsoft, which silently and almost without advertising deactivated Cortana’s integration with Alexa.

Until now and since 2018, the two assistants could interact, so that it was for example possible to access Cortana from a device with Alexa as if it were one more skill. Cortana could be used to open Microsoft apps from the Amazon Assistant but … is anyone using Cortana?

To anyone’s surprise?

For a few hours, when trying to access Cortana through Alexa, interested parties may find a message similar to this: “Sorry, the Cortana skill is no longer available.”

Yes until now and since 2018 you could use an Amazon Echo device to access Cortana and perform certain actions, now this option is not possible. That’s what they found out in PCMag, where they claim Cortana support in Alexa was removed two months ago.

“Effective September 18, we have made a decision to end the Cortana experience on Alexa as it previously existed and change our Cortana resources to focus on productivity within Microsoft 365.”

Microsoft reportedly communicated this change to customers via “until September 18” notifications in the utility, but few would have seen such a message. This is or is it really the number of Cortana users is anecdotal.

To anyone’s surprise, of course, this is not something that can be taken for granted. Cortana’s slow transition to business has been in the works for a long time. They removed it from iOS and Android, and from the Launcher app, because the activation command was disabled or the Invoke, the speaker with Cortana, was losing functions.

An assistant that doesn’t have a hole even in its home country, which has seen third-party support for Cortana’s capabilities shut down and like in Windows 11, it’s no longer installed by default, although ‘it is available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft seems to remain focused on orienting the use of Cortana towards business software, whether via PC or mobile devices, in particular thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook, leaving aside personal uses.