It’s been in the news in recent days as Microsoft tries to get users to use its Edge browser, already loaded on Windows computers since they left the factory, as their default browser. It is difficult to use another browser. Using a different browser for “all” links was possible until Microsoft released updates KB5008212 and KB5008215.

Among other things, these builds for Windows 10 and Windows 11 blocked the functioning of a tool that allowed the redirection of applications like EdgeDeflector. With him it was possible to use the web browser that we determined even by clicking on the search links in the taskbar. Something that despite Microsoft’s attempts, MSEdgeRedirect succeeds again.

The use of another browser is possible

It is an app that allows you to open links in Windows 11 and Windows 10 with a browser other than Edge. This affects the links that appear when using “Search taskbar”, the weather widget, or other elements of the operating system.

With MSEdgeRedirect instead of opening the corresponding link in Edge, you can use the browser we have configured by default. This is an application that works differently from EdgeDeflector when passing the command line argument to Edge. According to the developer of the app, this prevents Microsoft from blocking MSEdgeRedirect.

In short, it’s a tool for redirecting news, searches, widgets, weather links and more to the default browser.

MSEdgeRedirect is an app currently in beta, so you may experience performance issues. It’s a free tool and you can access all the details about it in Github.

Via | Windows Central