If you are one of those who love plants but cannot devote the necessary time to them or in your house you do not have enough light, these smart and connected pots from Prêt-à-Pousser can be the solution. Planters in six different colors to house plants at home that are controlled from the mobile.

These facilities make it possible to control different parameters at any time and from the mobile. They also have an LED lighting system included that we can adjust to adapt to the cycle of the plant and thus improve its growth.

forget the light

Nano Garden pots are designed for use in small homes and apartments. Available in six colors, each has a capacity of 700 ml and comes with an organic vegetable capsule.

Each of these capsules contains seeds, soil and a nutrient-rich substrate. These are placed in the float and this in turn in the pot filled with water. Thanks to its 3/4 liter capacity, it will only need to be watered every two or three weeks

With all these ingredients, the plant develops its roots in the water thanks to the integrated LED light which takes care of offering optimal lighting at all times.

This lighting can be controlled from the mobile thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the Prêt-à-Pousser application. Thanks to the telephone, we can control the duration and intensity of lighting and access useful information and advice to improve plant growth.

Price and availability

Nano Garden pots are available in six different colors. On the Prêt-à-Pousser site, you can find them for 79.99 euros Amazon you can find them at a price of around 89 euros with three vegetable capsules for 89.99 euros. Anyone who has harvested the first herbs can buy additional herbal capsules (basil, paprika, coleus, etc.) for prices between 5.99 and 6.99 euros.

Nano Garden (Gris Sable), the indoor garden for design lovers, available in 6 colors, 3 capsules included.

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