– Gives longevity to any creative activity

In an article published in “Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, Prof. Nancy W. Glee recommends older people to get some exercise.”

Pittsburgh, (USA) : If an elderly person feels more tired than a little work, then understand that his age is not more than 5 years. He will leave this mortal world in just 2.5/.6 years. The findings are published in the Journal of Gerontology Medical Sciences.

In an article on the subject, Professor Nancy W. Glynn, who works in the Department of Epidemiology at the Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, wrote: It can be said with certainty that the life expectancy of such older people is three years (4.5 / 4.5). less than a year.

The professor and his team studied 205 seniors over the age of 60 and came to this conclusion. Moreover, he had obtained these findings even before the outbreak of Kovid-12. In this he used the ‘Pittsburgh Feasibility Scale’ (Pittsburgh Mortality Index).

He advises the elderly to walk regularly for a while or maybe even do some exercise. Also stay away from any creative activity. Elaborating on the causes of untimely death, he said, “It can also be due to the aging of the elderly with an incurable disease which is part of neglect and depression (considered meaningless). Hence the elderly are also advised. He said that the work should be creative.

He has designed a scale in which people with more than 5 points lead a good life, so low scores indicate early death.