There are only a few weeks left before the launch of Android 12, the final version of which should arrive on the first devices next October, four weeks after the launch by Google of the last beta, with which the developers are already preparing their applications to do release the news. of this big update as soon as possible.

And one of the main novelties, which the user will notice as soon as they update their mobiles, is its big redesign with ‘Material You’. The renewed Android interface will now be dynamic, adapting the interface colors to our wallpaper.

This is Gmail with ‘Material You’

In recent months, Google has adapted some of its applications to Android 12, by applying this dynamic theme to Gboard, Google Contacts, its Chrome browser or now its Gmail email client.

Several users have seen on their devices updated to Android 12 Beta how the Gmail application has started to adapt its interface to the colors of the wallpaper. In this case, and as in all the applications that Google has adapted, ‘Material You’ adapts the color of the search bar, menus and buttons to the colors of the wallpaper.

It is expected that in the coming weeks, Google will update each of its apps to ‘Material You’, so that since the final launch of Android 12, the most important apps are already making the most of this feature of the new version. For the moment, it has adapted, or is there, the applications of Gmail, Contacts, Phone, Messages, Gboard and Chrome, but surely Google Maps and the Play Store, among others, will also follow.

Via | XDA-Developers