It was not until early summer that we learned of the arrival of Windows 11. The announcement of a new version of the operating system that we saw recently because, according to some rumors, could be anticipated within a few weeks. Something Microsoft has finally confirmed, albeit with an important nuance. Windows 11 will arrive early and do so in early October, but without support for Android apps.

And we have already seen how much being able to use applications designed for Android was a very strong bet and one of the pillars on which Microsoft supported part of the presentation. We now know that to take advantage of these improvements we will have to wait, but not so that everyone can try Windows 11 … all compatible computers.

Before, yes, but without Android apps

Microsoft officials have revealed that this operating system will be released in its final version on October 5. And alongside this great news, another less positive one: from the start, Android apps cannot be used on the platform.

Thanks to a Windows blog post, Microsoft confirmed both. Windows 11 will arrive in its final version on October 5 and will also do so for free for all compatible computers running Windows 10. As it is logical, it will arrive pre-installed on the computers that are on sale.

As usual when it comes to Microsoft and updates, the rollout will be gradual. One of the differences with macOS is that this update is not offered to all computers that can receive it until mid-2022.

We will see all the improvements and new features that can already be tested in the version of the Insider program, but what will not happen in this first final version is support for Android applications. At Microsoft, they say it will happen, but it will do it later and before it hits the general release, it will do it to those who are part of the Insider program. But without giving any dates, we must therefore wait.

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