Saudi Arabia plans to continue comprehensive discussions with Iran in terms of reaching a satisfactory agreement for both parties, according to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who also emphasized the importance of a strong nuclear deal respectively with Tehran and other world powers at the Vienna dialogue. Straightforward talks with Iran, he said in remarks that Saudia would allow the state’s Sunni and Shia powers to achieve a “stable position and mark a promising future for the powers of the Sunni and Shia nations, who have been locked in a rivalry that has played out in conflicts across the Middle East.

The peace treaty had been viewed as flawed by Riyadh and its Gulf allies because it did not discuss their concerns about Iran’s nuclear and missile programs and network of proxy servers, including in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is fighting a costly war. The comments by the Saudi prince come as informal US-Iran talks in Vienna get pretty close to revitalizing a 2015 nuclear deal that limited Tehran’s nuclear programmed in exchange for debt relief. Iran will always be a companion; we can’t get ahold of them, and they can’t get rid of us, he said, according to the Saudi official news agency.

Due to shared concerns about Iran, Riyadh’s Gulf allies, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, formed ties with Israel in 2020 to form a new geographic centerline at a time when the United States devotion to the region is unclear. The crown prince said, ‘We don’t want a sluggish nuclear agreement because the final outcome will be the same.

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If indeed the dispute with the Palestinians is settled, Prince Mohammed said, Israel will become a reliable ally of Saudi Arabia. ‘We don’t see Israel as an adversary, but rather as a reliable ally in a variety of interests that we could pursue together. The news agency quoted him as saying, It should rectify its challenges with the Palestinians.

According to Prince Mohammed Riyadh’s goal, is to preserve and enhance its Protracted historical relationship with America. he said Saudi investments in the United States totaled $800 billion. Just as we have the ability to increase our interests, we also have the ability to decrease them.