There are talks around, and many experts are predicting that the Iran nuclear deal is approaching the deciding point. Many of those world power countries gave a sign that the deal is just a few days away. But on another hand chances of failure of talks can not be neglected.

Accord 2015 offered relief to Iran by removing sanctions if Iran stops its nuclear program. Iran did so and the accord was signed. But in 2018 US President Trump, again imposed heavy economic and other sanctions on Iran. In return, Iran started its nuclear program and initiated many new activities regarding nuclear weapons.

Since November 2021, table talks are going on to form a new deal with Iran. Agenda and new conditions are under discussion between the authorities of China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The United States is also involved but not directly.

An Analyst said- Russia, China, and the West are more Aligned than ever. 

Further, the analyst added the strategy of the world is to pressurize Iran to close the deal to finalize the talks. The analyst said, due to pressure build-up by the world, the Iran deal is a few days away.

The US Department also said on Thursday, That notable progress has been made and agreement is possibly a few days away if Iran shows some seriousness toward the issue.

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The French Minister also said the deal was possible very soon, but he also added that if Iran refuses to accept the proposal offered by the Parties involved, then a new serious crisis can arise in deal talks.

Experts say Iran is near a point to develop its nuclear weapon. It is assumed that Iran will fissile its material in a few upcoming weeks. But to create an atomic bomb in actuality it may require more complicated steps to complete.

Iran always refused to accept the idea that Iran is building an atomic bomb. Iran officials say that they will require the guarantee to lift up the sanctions and, Also assurance of not repeating former President Trump’s policies regarding Iran. 

The Tehran office wants to confirm that companies and banks starting a business in Iran will not be subjected to any kind of penalties.

On another hand, the US can think of normalizing the sanctions but if asked about guarantees there is nothing much which can be expected from the United states.

Let us wait a few more weeks- the new Iran deal will be in the public no matter what decisions were made.